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Tracy McCarthy (Holistic & Physical Therapist)

(ITEC, NMT, IMTA, NRRI, IAIM) Laya, Vhi, Glo Health & Irish Life approved.

Tracy started training in massage, reflexology and beauty therapy over 10 years ago gaining experiences in spa’s and holistic centres and working with products such as elemis, dermalogica and voya. (only to mention a few)

 It is here that Tracy developed a keen sense to treat clients where she combines a physiological and psychological approach to her treatments and over the years Tracy went on to specialise in neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic massage, oncology and became a baby massage instructor with many add on complimentary therapies.

Having developed her craft Tracy also dedicates part of time to passing on her knowledge through teaching ITEC qualification as well as holding baby massage classes for mothers to learn the benefits of massaging their babies.

Working in her own practices in both Kinsale and Clonakilty there are a variety of treatments that are on offer and can be applied in a session allowing treatments to vary when needed as maintenance for health is vital and clients treatments can change from physiological to psychological or sometimes they need both.

"Health is like superannuation. You need to constantly invest in it if you want to have enough for your retirement"

Dr. Jeremy Hammond

It is with this understanding that Tracy offers her services to Arc House in Cork on a voluntary basis once a month and she went on tour and supported the  charity Cycle Against Suicide 2 years ago on a fundraiser when they entered the race around Ireland

Caroline Neville

Caroline initially started her journey into massage in Australia, where she develop a passion for helping people to feel good about themselves through massage treatments. She continued this journey here in Ireland, where she is specialties in Holistic massage, along with Swedish, Hot Stones and Indian Head Massage as well as Ear Candling.

With experience of working within the Spa Industry, I believe that having regular massages should be part of a health lifestyle, to keep a sense of balance within the body, mind & soul, to help maintain stress levels, to feel good about yourself and to have a healthy out look on life.

Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way of a healthier, happier life

Eileen Parker (Holistic Therapist)

I am a qualified ‘Professional Relaxation Therapist’ ‘Indian Head /Marma Point Therapist'(Diplomas) S.N.H.S.Dip x2 and Holistic Massage Therapist.(ITEC) Hot stone, Ear candling

My interest and passion has always been the power of the mind and body to heal itself, “in-curable” that everything is curable from within and I am testimony to this myself. I love to live and promote as healthy and happy a lifestyle as possible for everyone

My background was in the busy corporate sector, Banking and Finance in the UK. I am very aware of the stresses of modern society living and the affect it is having on peoples lives and wellbeing. I feel that pressure is ever increasing and more and more people are suffering from ‘stress’ related conditions and illness as a result. They are also becoming unwell as they do not unwind or relax properly which in turn affects sleep and overall health.

I have always been interested in finding natural alternatives to any health issues arising in life and I embrace as much of a holistic/healthy lifestlye as possible myself. I enjoy living near the sea I especially love practising Yoga, for many years and health/fitness of all kinds.

My genuine interest led me to becoming qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist, Professional Relaxation Therapist and Indian Head/ Marma Point Therapist.
My hope is that I can make a difference to many peoples lives, in that they too find health and happiness -Feel Better- Sleep Better- Live Better



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"Health is like superannuation. You need to constantly invest in it if you want to have enough for your retirement"