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The effects of massage are twofold: physiological (relating to the physical structure of the body) and psychological (relating to the mind).  When the body is massaged, the mechanics (i.e the physical action of manipulating tissue) affect the local area of the massage, whereas nervous stimulation (i.e the response of the nerves to touch and movement), affects the whole body.  Evidently, the positive benefits of massage for the physical body will affect the psychological body and vice-versa.  


In the short term massage will :-

# improve skin tone and colour by removing dead skin cells

# encourage better circulation, therefore, more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and more efficient waste removal

# encourage deeper and therefore more efficient and relaxed breathing

# encourage better lymph drainage and reduce swelling

# relieve muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness

# relieve tired, stiff joints

# promote general relaxation

# sedate or stimulate the nervous system (depending on the type of massage performed)

# encourage sleep

# speed up digestion and waste removal

In the long term massage will :-

# Improve skin elasticity

# Improve circulation

# Boost immunity

# Improve muscle suppleness

# Improve neural communications and relax the nervous system (preventing, for example, muscle spasms caused by anxiety)

# Enable deeper, more effective respiration

# Relieve insomnia

# Balance the digestive system

# Lower high blood pressure


In the short term massage will :-

# Relax the body, thereby reducing tension and the effects of stress

# Relax the mind, thereby reducing anxiety and it’s effects

# Soothe and comforts

# Gives a lift to the emotions and increases positive feelings

# Increase energy by invigorating all body systems and reducing fatigue

In the long term massage will :-

# Enable sustained  relaxation of body and mind

# Improve body image, awareness and general self-esteem

# Increase energy levels as less energy is spent in holding the body in a state of tension and strain (both physical and mental)


This type of massage can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the muscles.  It promotes suppleness, improves circulation and reduces stress.  In this comforting massage people of all ages can gain a sense of security and well being as we as having psychological and physiological benefits (levels of pressure is applied to the clients needs)


This type of massage is based on the classic Swedish massage and like other forms of massage, it helps improve suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints.  It improves lymph and blood circulation and assists body systems in functioning at their optimum level. (levels of pressure is applied to the clients needs)


Sports massage combines the use of Swedish massage and additional more intensive neuromuscular techniques which can help in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Products used in this treatment – Liveeka natural anti-inflammatory & injury repair cream and muscle maintenance rub (all massage sessions are tailored for clients after consultation)


Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique developed in the 1930’s.  it stimulates the functions of the body’s secondary circulation, the lymphatic system, encouraging the removal and filtering of waste, toxins and excess fluids from cells as well as boosting the body’s natural immunity.


Hot stone massage uses hot stones with traditional massage techniques to bring deep relaxation and balance on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.  This modern treatment draws upon the ancient healing arts and traditions to deliver a deeper massage and where stones may be placed in strategic positions on top of the body, to create a therapeutic and holistic effect.


Indian head massage uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms.  It is extremely effective for treating stress because it works on the areas of the body most affected – the shoulders and upper back, neck and head.

Massage Therapy Rates

Massage Combos

Massage & Indian Head Combo

Massage and Indian Head, feel the benefits of these two treatments as body massage combined with head, neck face and scalp massage are included

Massage, Indian Head, Reflexology Combo

Deluxe treatment of 2 hours including full body massage with Indian head and finished with Reflexology. This treatment does include exfoliation of the feet and mask.

Back Massage & Facial Combo

Combine a Holos body oil to a back massage and finish with a mini Holos facial.

Body Massage & Facial Combo

This treatment gives full body massage with Holos oil including a Holos facial. Treatment can also include an exfoliation of the feet and foot massage.

Hot Stone & Facial Combo

Combine this modern day treatment which delivers a deeper massage with relaxing results to the body using Holos body oils and finish with a hot stone facial with Holos facial products.

Deluxe Massage Therapies

Holos Holistic Massage

Using the HOLOS holistic approach that prevention is better than cure, we are now offering our massage treatments using HOLOS massage oils.

HOLOS encourages you to think about your skin like you do your food.  Nutritious food keeps you healthy and prevents illness and disease.  Nutritious skincare keeps the skin healthy and prevents the signs of premature aging.

Each treatment starts with a light exfoliation of the feet with HOLOS blossoms exfoliating skin polish, followed with a dry body brushing allowing the skin to be free from dead skin cells.  This will leave the skin free to absorb the beautiful oil that is then applied to the skin throughout the treatment.

Choose Your Oil

Love Your Skin

Perfect for someone with combination skin and who wants to relax and also requires balance of wellbeing.

BENEFITS – hydrating, softening, antioxidant rich, omega/lipid/essential fatty acid rich, anti-aging, balancing aroma and multi functional.


For clients with hormone issues such as PMS/menopause or someone who has low energy and mood

BENEFITS – hydrating, sebum balancing, all skin types, congested skin, dull skin, mature skin, stretch marks, scar tissue, hormone balancing and omega/lipid essential fatty acid rich.

Good Night

For an evening client or someone who seeks deep relaxation and may be stressed or anxious

BENEFITS – hydrating, treats dry skin, softening, antioxidant rich, omega/lipid/essential fatty acid rich, soothing, relaxing aroma, multi functional

Deluxe Pregnancy Massage

HOLOS 1 hour for Mum to Be

Using HOLOS happy momma baby oil with benefits such as calming, hydrates the skin, helps with stretch marks and scar tissue. Contains anit-oxidants rich in omega/lipids/essential fatty acids (we also use grape seed oil if preferred)

Gift vouchers available

Baby Massage Therapies

Massage For Baby

The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAM) is to promote nurturing touch and communication trough training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the worlds community,

Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Babies

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