Mother and Baby Wellbeing

Lorraine: Lorraine O’Hanlon is a qualified Osteopath working from the Kinsale Health and Wellbeing Centre in Kinsale. Osteopathy uses various techniques such as joint articulation, mobilisation, stretching, soft tissue release, visceral and facial techniques to ease the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy. Postnatally these techniques can help release strains in the body from the pregnancy, labour and demands of caring for a newborn.  Cranial Osteopathy is gentle for babies, using the lightest of touches, stresses and strains are encouraged to release, helping babies to overcome the lingering side effects of birth.


Tracy:  Tracy McCarthy of Head to Toe Therapies has been a therapist for over 10 years with qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Physical Therapy, Beauty and Holistic Therapies.  Your Voucher will cover 2 treatments of 60 minutes or 4 treatments of 30 minutes which can be used pre or postnatally for either massage or reflexology.  Additional sessions can be booked at a discounted rate for continued treatments to gain maximum benefits before Labour or for rebalancing post-pregnancy.


Louise: Louise of Loula Natural has been treating families for their health and wellbeing for almost 11 years. Your sessions with her can focus on your own health or the health of your child. She uses food to heal and nourish, Bach Flower Remedies, EFT (Tapping) or Reiki where appropriate and requested. You will have 2 sessions with her as part of your voucher which can be used either pre or postnatally. Additional sessions for weaning, body system re-balancing, remedies for natural first aid and sleep deprivation are also available at a special discounted rate.