Pregnancy Therapies

Pregnancy Therapies We Offer

For Mother & Baby

Reflexology Treatments for Pregnancy & Childbirth (as per N.R.R..I)

Reflexology during pregnancy can help relieve the following:

As well as helping all the physical ailments, having that hour to themselves to relax and discuss any worries or fears they have in a confidential and stress free environment can do wonders for the mother in terms of her emotional well being also. Clients who have regular reflexology during pregnancy generally have shorter labours and are better able to deal with pain as the body is in a relaxed state to start with.

Reflexology Post Natally will help mother to recover from physical and emotional experience after birth.  It may help the womb contract, it can also stimulate urinary and bowel function which can be very sluggish, particularly after an epidural or general anesthetic.  It is excellent for promoting breast feeding and getting the milk flowing freely often a problem with first time mothers in particular.  A general treatment can speed up healing and get the hormones (endocrine system) back into balance which is very important for post natal depression, which can be very serious condition if not treated promptly.  It may improve mood and reduce afterbirth anxiety.

Massage Therapy Rates

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage (pre & post natal)

A massage that meets the needs of mother and baby, massage benefits include hormone regulation, reduction of swelling and back pain, better sleep and circulation, reduces stress and anxiety. Please note that treatment is tailored to each trimester.

Pregnancy Massage Combo

Combine treatments to make the most of your session time, treatment can include the following massage & reflexology, Massage & Indian Head or Massage & facial. Please note sessions are tailored around each trimester

Pregnancy Treatments

Recommended Pregnancy Packages

12 - 28 Weeks

28- 40 Weeks

40 Weeks - 3 Months Postnatal

It is not always easy to make time for yourself once baby arrives but self care is still important. Knowing how difficult these times can be and the importance of the fourth trimester, why now bring baby to your massage or reflexology session

Deluxe Pregnancy Massage Therapies

Holos Holistic Massage

Using the HOLOS holistic approach that prevention is better than cure, we are now offering our massage treatments using HOLOS massage oils.

HOLOS encourages you to think about your skin like you do your food.  Nutritious food keeps you healthy and prevents illness and disease.  Nutritious skincare keeps the skin healthy and prevents the signs of premature aging.

Each treatment starts with a light exfoliation of the feet with HOLOS blossoms exfoliating skin polish, followed with a dry body brushing allowing the skin to be free from dead skin cells.  This will leave the skin free to absorb the beautiful oil that is then applied to the skin throughout the treatment.

Deluxe Pregnancy Massage

HOLOS 1 hour for Mum to Be

Using HOLOS happy momma baby oil with benefits such as calming, hydrates the skin, helps with stretch marks and scar tissue. Contains anit-oxidants rich in omega/lipids/essential fatty acids (we also use grape seed oil if preferred)

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Baby Massage Therapies

Massage For Baby

The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAM) is to promote nurturing touch and communication trough training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the worlds community,

Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Babies



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