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Relaxation / Sleep Therapy

Vibroacoustics for cellular healing and deep relaxation | Suitable for all ages

Unplug- Relax, Rebalance, Renew

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Vibroacoustic therapy is a form of sound therapy which is non-invasive and energy based.
It has been used for over 40 years to successfully treat patients with illness, pain, stress, tension and for general relaxation purposes and to improve overall health and well-being

Whether you suffer from work overload or a specific issue or just want some relaxing ‘time-out’ Vibroacoustic therapy is a powerful means to help you relax and allow balancing and healing to take place. Because our bodies are composed mainly of water (approx 70%) when the body is exposed to these sound vibrations the water is moved. The cells respond and communicate , this enhances cell re-generation and healing. A healthy resonance means harmony is restored , the key to healthy happy life.

Sound travels 5 times more effectively through water than air, so the whole body, skin, muscles, joints, so the whole body is directly stimulated like an internal massage at a deep cellular level which has positive effects on the whole body.

Session includes activation of the senses, with progressive, guided breathing and muscle release techniques. Marma point therapy (gentle hands on around head and energy junctions of the body) Body scanning to provide a progressive, conscious relaxation experience whereby the brainwaves and slowed and lulled into a therapeutic ‘twilight’ state between unconscious sleep and wakefulness.

This treatment enhances positive patterns of change in relaxation and sleep. Provides restorative rest and harmonies the body and mind through focus which is essential for the activation of the body’s own natural ‘Relaxation Response’

The body has a natural ability to heal and balance itself from within, this just encourages and awakens the process and allows you to incorporate helpful elements into your own lifestyle. Good sleep is vital for us to function and remain healthy. When we sleep, our housekeeping is done, in that our brain removes toxins that have built up during the day and helps us recover from the mental and physical strain we have engaged in.

We all need sleep and yet its biological purpose remains a mystery.
Sleep affects virtually every tissue of our body(heart, lungs, brain) so it is vital to our well being. We are living in an ‘always awake’ stimulated society that never sleeps or shuts down and because of this we have become increasingly sleep deprived. We sleep approx 20% less than we did 50 years ago and often it is not ‘good’ sleep , it is broken, disturbed or lacking

These habits can be changed as any habit can. Helpful advice is available during session if required to get you back on track with tips to take away.

Feel Better, Sleep Better, Live Better

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